Sunday, May 9, 2010

What being a Gnome means

[Contributed by Sam #6]

What does being a Gnome mean? What does it mean? According to urban dictionary a gnome is an Evil alliance race in World of Warcraft (best MMO ever) that are too hard to click and therefore... suck. I think we can all agree that is not what a Gnome is. Not even Effing GD close. Now we might agree on the exact definition, but now you have to hang in there while I get sentimental and explain what being a Gnome has meant to me.

Now I've been on sports teams before, baseball, and track, and other ultimate teams, and each of these teams have been great. Sports teams create camaraderie and brotherhood and lifelong friends. None of this is new. But the Gnomes I have come to look towards my teammates as family. There is no limit to what I would do for this family. There are several of our teammates that can attest to that. Through tough times, both on the field and off, being a Gnome has become part of me.

As some of you know, I have had an up and down couple of years since I've gone to college. The summer before college my brother unexpectedly passed away, giving my family and I an insurmountable challenge to overcome. I came to ISU for my sophomore year, and was accepted by a great group of people, who happened to be ultimate players, and Gnomes. In the three years since I have been able to count on this group for whatever I need, no matter the circumstances. I have been struggling to overcome depression and some of the negative effects of losing a family in my time here, and I can honestly say I would not be in the place that I am today without the family I have found at ISU. I can look back at the last year, and the last semester in particular, and say that it has been far better and happier than I could have asked for a year ago. For this Gnomes, I want to say thank you. You have helped me through challenging times without prompt. I can honestly say that college would have been much duller and far more difficult for me without the incredible friendships I have created within the Gnomes community.

While we might not be as storied or successful as many other ultimate teams, I firmly believe that the Gnomes are as close as any team in the country. While we are young, we are well on our ways to creating an ultimate program. Year in, our numbers will continue to grow, but none of us will stop being Gnomes. I would just like to say that I could not be more excited about this coming season. I look forward to making memories playing ultimate, and partying, running sprints till I puke, and shot-gunning beers off of even higher buildings. I look forward to finally making the jump and getting to regionals, and kicking some ass when we actually get there.

Thanks for a really awesome year, and I look forward to an even better one in 2010-11!

Gnomes for Life.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

CP Secitonal

[Contributed by Sam #6]

I just wanna start out by saying this is the most proud I have been of the ISU Gnomes to date. We came together and put out such an impressive effort, I have never been so excited about the future of our program.


Saturday started with two tough fought games against Wheaton and Indiana, the 1 and 2 seeds in our pool. We had to win one of these games to get to the championship bracket. We came out slow in the first game, against Wheaton, and went down 5-1. We started to get things together and pulled to 6-4 by half. We held till 10-7, and an unfortunate turn on a dump by yours truly gave them an easy score to take the game. Our next game, IU, we came out read to play, and battled like crazy in the first half. We hung in, only down one at half, 6-5, by great play and sheer toughness. Our man D kept us in the game, for a change, and we really shocked Indiana, who thought they would have a walk of a game. Indiana tightened up their game after half, and came out really strong, getting a couple of breaks, and eventually winning 11-7. Two great games that showed we can hang with the good teams out there, but that we still have some work to do. The rest of the day we played strong and beat the teams we were seeded to beat, UofI Chicago, Depaul, and Northern.


Placing third in our pool required that we win out on Sunday, to achieve our regional goal. Our first game was against the familiar Southern. We played a good, competitive game against them, but our desire to win the four games that we had to play today, and make our first appearance at regionals helped us carry this first game without too much trouble. We won this game 15-10, Game 1 done. In our second game we were matched against the Lost Boys of North Park. We came out strong in the first half, taking a couple of breaks to get up 7-5, but after a well-placed timeout, the Lost Boys made their own run, tying it at 7's. The point from hell ensued. The point to take half lasted about 20 minutes, with some of our highlights being multiple layout under D's, tight marks, and a general toughness to our D that had been lacking all season. However, our O was also hectic and rushed, and for every great D we got, our O gave the disc back, seemingly forgetting that we were throwing in the wind. However, 20 minutes later, our O converts and takes half 8-7. Coming out of halftime, we let give up another break, tying it at 8's. And then another. A few points later, it is 11-9 NP, and we are getting pressed to score goals, as North Park is not giving us as many chances to score as they were early in the game. The game is soft-capped at 14, and NP has GP with a score of 13-11. ISU misses the chance to score downwind, and NP takes the disc all the way up the field, and calls a timeout on the goal line. We come out of the timeout pumped to D up, but NP gets a breakmark score to secure the win. NP 14 ISU 11. Bummer. We play a half assed game against Chicago, but can't summon a good effort with our goal missed, and a lot of our studs hurting from the rough weekend.

All in a all this has to be the best an ISU ultimate team has played. I could not be more proud of the effort, toughness and camaraderie, and I have to say, I am effing pumped for next season. Regionals 2011 Gnomes. Lets get after it.

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